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Aura-Soma Colour Therapy


Aura-Soma today is one of the most recognized and respected colour therapy systems and is used world wide.

Aura Soma is a combination of natural ingredients including crystals, herbs, plant extracts, essential oils and colour. Aura-Soma has great meaning; Aura means light and Soma means body (Greek), or being (Aramaic), or living energies (Sanskrit). "Aura-Soma connects light to the physical body, it speaks of the being of light within (our Spirit) and the living energies of light that surround us". 

One of the most important philosophies of Aura-Soma's is its self selective nature; that it is the person who selects for themselves. It is also described as being a soul therapy and from an Aura-Soma perspective it is Super consciousness that selects the colour combinations (your intuition) and which then reflects the client's colour code in time. "We are the colour we choose". Our own inner intelligence know exactly what we need to heal and will choose correctly according to our personal needs at that particular time. 

Aura-Soma enhances our vibration/energy and is linked with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and can bring about positive well being. Aura-Soma shows you who you really are, your inner beauty, individual gifts, present purpose and the underlying issues and challenges in your life and possibilities of turning the challenges into the gifts and the opportunity for spiritual growth and and the return to well being. It is simple yet profound.

There are four different aspects to Aura-Soma namely, Balance Bottles (as shown above) Pomanders, Quintessences and Tinctures.  The first three modalities have different and beautifully unique fragrances that work gently and deeply to ceate change. Each colour has its own unique fragrance which draws many people to use them regularly, either personally in their home or work environment to create balance.

Aura-Soma is about holistic healing of the body, mind and soul, not just one individual aspect. Aura-Soma is a "non-intrusive soul therapy, it is non-intrusive because for the first time in a therapeutic system, it is the client that chooses the remedy for themselves.

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