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Emotional transformation

Emotion is energy in motion… along our life’s journey our mind and body repress painful emotions unconsciously until we get to a time in our life when we are ready to make changes, or perhaps a crisis brings the opportunity to us to heal and transform. This maybe a relationship crisis, health issue or career change. Whatever the situation if we can bring ourselves to take the step to face our fears and pain we are then able to begin the process of transformation.

To be able to truly make significant changes in our lives and in our behaviours then we must be able to work with both the limited or negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes as well as the emotions attached thereto. By working energetically and with the ‘Inner Child’ the core issues can be dissolved and the emotion flattened around trauma or painful past experiences and thus the change is profound.  So much of our early patterning in the first eight years of our life unconsciously sets up our sense of self, our beliefs about our world and much more. 

Emotional Intelligence is a very valuable and necessary skill to have to create the life you are wanting to live.  To be able to work through emotional issues and articulate what you are feeling in order to create a resolution is key to health and wellness.

We are then able to look back on our lives, see our patterns and lessons and not relive the trauma through the remembering process. This is a significant shift in consciousness. Jenny works intuitively and energetically to assist her clients make these deep and profound changes. It is a wonderful self discovery process.