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I went to see Jenny as for years I kept all my emotions and issues buried inside. Eventually I found myself starting to become angry and i felt like I couldn’t cope anymore. Jenny is without a doubt unbelievably amazing. I remember the first time I went and saw Jenny, I wasn’t sure where I needed to start and how to explain what I had been through or why I was there… but I didn’t need to. Her warm and kind hearted nature made it very easy to talk to and it felt like she knew exactly what the issues were without me having to go into so much detail. She has helped me realise that I have a choice and I can change or improve my life and the way I see or deal with things. Reiki and Aura Soma Colour Therapy has helped with healing and releasing all the emotions and anger that I have kept inside. Jenny is amazing and every time I leave I always feel so much better, less stressed and surprisingly lighter. Thank you Jenny for all your amazing work and support. 
Tegan Murphy 

Jenny is a very warm and caring person, she is a gifted, gentle and powerful healer and I was able to see results straight away.
S. Bryant Melbourne 

This is a big thank you Jenny, for the most amazing healing you did on me. You were able to tap into past surgery I had on my fallopian tubes and dissolve blockages that were still there. I have had many healings before, but none as powerful as this. The vibrations of the tonings you did on me cleared very old memory and physical blockages. I felt a huge amount of light energy enter my body during the healing. This enabled a transformation to take place within my body. I can feel the difference. I am so much lighter and healthier.
S. Biesot, Melbourne 

I have always been an angry person. It was always there, bubbling away just underneath the surface, a deep seeded rage against the whole world that just grew and grew over the years. Essentially all the anger that had been building up inside me had made me a fragile person. All this anger welling up inside me was starting to have a detrimental affect on my personal relationships with my family and friends, it was affecting the way I conducted myself on a professional level and it was having an extremely negative affect, most importantly, on me, my health and the way I felt about myself as a whole.Eventually, when things got too far, I decided to do something about all that rage and accepted that it was not just a personality trait but a symptom of something deeper. It was making me completely miserable. I went to other psychologists, none of whom really help me pinpoint and expend this rage. It was Jenny who finally helped me work through this and many other issues that had been eating away at me over time. Without sounding like Moira or some late night infomercial, I really do recommend Jenny, since seeing her I am a stronger person and she has actually given me the skill of recognising and dealing with problems instead of just pushing them aside and letting them well up inside. Thank you Jenny for all that you have done for me.
J. Holmes, Rowville 

I initially went to see Jenny as I was feeling quite tired and run down. On first meeting I was struck by Jenny’s ability to listen with focused intent and to tune in to the main reasons behind my visit. Jenny provided a welcome ear as well as some magical healing that left me feeling quite rejuvenated. I saw Jenny another three times within the next few weeks. On each occasion her approached varied slightly, depending on what I said and no doubt depending on what she picked up at an intuitive level.I purchased Jenny’s mediation CD and have found that to be very beneficial in bringing me back down to earth and focusing on what is important. I can’t really say what Jenny did because it was more how she felt and worked at another level that I felt was the most rewarding part of my time with her.I remember thinking after each visit that I was very lucky to have met Jenny and to have been provided with such well-intentioned and empathetic support. I am sure that I will be in touch with Jenny in the future when I feel that I need some more of her magic!
K. Green, Bentleigh 

The first thing I noticed about Jenny was her soft gentle energy & her calm. Right from the get go I felt completely safe to be open & honest about my thoughts & feelings, which is not something that comes easily for me. It is this safe space that Jenny creates that has enabled me to truly connect & understand my feelings on a deep & ground breaking level. Jenny is genuine & real. I consider her to be a great life coach & my biggest mentor. She taught me the power of understanding & dealing with my emotions as apposed to bottling them up & letting them eat away at me. 

Jenny's magic extends further than her abilities as a counselor. A much loved part of my sessions is experiencing deep healing & further connection within myself through her reiki, the benefits of which I felt straight away. The power of Jenny's reiki skills allowed me to let go of painful, dead emotion that was holding me back & crippling me. Through her reiki my anxiety, deep sadness & feelings of intense anger severely diminished & made way for so much more positive & productive energy in my life.

As well as emotional & spiritual healing I also noticed the physical benefits. When Jenny concentrated her healing energy over my stomach months of bloating, stomach pain & cramps completely subsided within & I have not suffered from anything like it since. Similarly after a short period of concentration over a poorly healed cesarean scar, after 2 days I noticed the scar had flattened and never looked better. 

Jenny did for me & is continuing to do exactly as she says she can on her website "heal your heart, soothe your mind & inspire you soul'. Without a doubt Jenny is the most influential person in my life & has helped me set my life on a positive, uplifting path & empowered me with the confidence & strength to see my potential & place in the world.
Aimee Murphy