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Resistance – What can we do about it?

Just hearing or reading the word ‘resistance’ can create a sense of it in one’s body……often then there is a resistance to feeling the initial resistance! Wow a double negative, now there is some climbing up the ladder of energy to access higher ground to feeling better.

It does take effort and commitment to self and life to create a better one moment by moment doesn’t it? There are days for all of us when this is an easier process than others. Fear – False Evidence Appearing Realis the energy that seems to so quickly take us down, a bit like a game of snakes and ladders. Some days no sooner do you feel you are going along ok and then ooops the old negative thoughts or a new or confronting situation arises and down the snake we go.

So lets look at resistance from an energy point of view, after all, all thoughts and feelings translate to energy either open, light and flowing or blocked , heavy and stuck and somewhere along that scale. So resistance to a situation, feeling or person is part of the Earth bound experience and what we resist will persist. It can also be an energy that is mirrored back to us by another or in some situation.

To enable ourselves to move through resistance we have a choice to recognize or own it in ourselves and then identify the thoughts that contribute thereto. Ask yourself what can you think or do differently and what emotions are connected to this experience? Sounds like a lot of work you may say. I suggest you begin with a long and deep breath and then another…..bring some oxygen to the mind that initially created the issue and then begin to shift the focus to solution thinking. The breath is key to change….letting go of old and inhaling the new! Keep breathing now deeply into the belly and let go of the negative emotional energy (without judging it) by consciously surrendering it in the exhalation. Repeat this process. Put your best effort to this simple yet effective way of shifting your vibration. This may take some minutes or more to shift and the trick here is to have some patience!! In a world of needing quick fixes, patience can often be what our resistance is about, in the first place.

Moving your physical body posture will also help enormously to change your energy and lift your state of mind/feeling. Begin to straighten your back and open your chest and let tension go from your neck and shoulders by moving them up and down several times whilst you continue to focus on the exhalation and letting go of negative thoughts and emotions. So now you are already creating a more empowered state. Congratulations the energy of resistance is dissolving.

Remember what we focus on GROWS……so being able to remind our mind often to choose our thoughts and adjust our thinking to more empowering thoughts is key to resolving resistance. This is a function of staying well connected to your higher mind and surrendering old conditioning or limited thinking…..a sense of feeling flowing and expanded or stuck and scared.
The choice is ours every day……

Resistance creates discomfort and suffering while embracing brings a sense of release, bliss and openness. We can let go of judgment and separation, which shuts us down. On the other hand we can create our own new reality within our transformed thought processes and see it play out in our experiences.

Until next time begin to activate change in your life and feel the difference.